Friday, March 3, 2017

How to choose the right diamond

Choosing the right diamond is always been the 
subject to read,know & practise, at evagems online
webstore we can show & teach how to choose the right diamond for 
the right occasion & price budget you have set in their mind

following steps would help every aspect :-

1. knowing your budget & desire would greatly involve
the diamond buying decision,
suppose you want to buy a simple ring & it isn't for any special occasion like 
(wedding,engagement )
in such cases buying a simple over the shelf ready jewelery mounted with loose diamonds with company authentication & warranty card would be sufficient

2.if you are buying for a special occasion,
then you may choose the diamond with or without the "International certification"
there are several  renowned international certifications but the most desired ones are 
  • I.g.i (international gemological institute ) having various branches across world & you may get more information from their website:- I.G.I website or you may also see their dubai
  • G.i.a (gemological institute of america) this is the most profound diamond certification laboratory having branches mainly in u.s.a & india , you may visit their website :- g.i.a website  
  • Hrd:- gemological institute of Belgium , you may check their website:- HRD website
  • All over the world these above 3 gemological companies are famous & holds more prominent value to your diamond & also helps the resale aspect whenever you require to fetch a good amount for selling your diamond at any point of time.
3.after you have done enough research on the certification, you may visit any of evagems stores across dubai, of visit their online certified diamond store by simply browsing:- Online diamond  
and their company representatives will also entertain live chat window to assist in your desired search & finding the availability of loose diamond in dubai 
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